“Know Your Enemy” – Sun Tzu

Network penetration testing is a critical component to an overall information security strategy. Penetration testing uncovers critical issues and demonstrates how well your network and information assets are protected. Combined with a comprehensive security program, penetration tests can help you reduce your risk of a data breach. “The best offense is a good defense” is a well-known adage when it comes to penetration testing. By engaging a professional to emulate your adversary, you can discover critical exploitable vulnerabilities and remediate them before they are exploited.

At ilim , we use real-world attacks on your organization’s infrastructure executed by dedicated staff of security experts. Our penetration testing methodology includes working with your team to identify the threats to your organization, the key assets that may be at risk, and the threat agents that may attempt to compromise them.  Each engagement begins by identifying the goals of the assessment and the attack vectors and scenarios that will be used.  Throughout the engagement, our team stays in close contact with your organization to provide ongoing status reports, immediate identification of critical risks, and knowledge transfer to your technical team.  At the end of each engagement, ilim documents the methods used, data or access gained, and recommendations for mitigating each of the attacks against your assets.  We complete this process with a thorough outbrief, ensuring a complete understanding of the exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment and recommended enterprise-level strategies for remediation.

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