Нaphazard administration of virtual servers may lead to 100% real problems. At best, your would lose your time and nerves; at worst, you’d risk losing your customers and their money. This is the reality that some have already faced.

ilim has extensive experience in virtual servers management. Our support for virtual servers is absolutely real, and our customers feel it!

SLA – quality guaranteed!

In order to make our customers feel confident that their requests for technical support will be resolved in timely and complete manner, we have implemented a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which covers all the standard support packs. Now, you can request compensation for each SLA violation. More details about SLA conditions you can find on Service Level Agreement webpage.

How do I reach ilim if I have a problem?

  • For Registered Customers – by submitting a ticket from your Client Zone.
  • Via Support LiveChat.
  • on the phone +380933211803
  • Via Skype

And much more! Please feel free to contact us (Helpdesk / Phone / Support LiveChat). Just let us know about your problem with the Server Management, and we’ll figure out how we can help.

How much would Virtual Server Management cost?

It will cost no more than your comfort and your customers’ trust.
НInitial VPS setup in the Monitoring System and introduction in the control and documentation system will cost you $40.00 regardless of the package you choose.
Subscription fee is determined by the number of virtual servers on a physical server, the number of virtual servers introduced in the Monitoring System, and the time that is included into the package.

PackQuantity of supported VPS / Included support timeMonthly feeORDER NOW
RS-VPS-510 VPS (5 VPS monitored) / 5 hrs$190.00
RS-VPS-1020 (10 VPS monitored) / 10 hrs$360.00

Hours are billed in 15 minute increments.

If the work takes us more hours than included in the package, we will ask you to pay $35.00 for each additional hour of work.
Contact us before ordering.