User Access Review Services

A user access review is a process that an organization implements to actively monitor and verify the appropriateness of a users’ access to systems and applications based on an understanding of the minimum necessary for users to perform or support business activities or functions. The responsibility for granting access and performing periodic verification of the appropriateness of that access rests with the system and/or business owner of the system or application.

What can user access reviews do for you?

User access reviews help implement the principles of ‘least privileges’ based on business need and segregation of incompatible roles and functions. User access reviews serve to verify and validate that user access to systems and applications is appropriate given users’ roles and responsibilities within the organization.

ilim User Access Review Services

ilim’sUser Access Review Services help our client’s manage the administratively burdensome task of establishing, verifying and monitoring user access to key business and support systems.

The ilim Managed Compliance Services team employs a systematic approach when assisting our clients to review current access rights and privileges for appropriateness, and then implementing an automated process to survey, verify, confirm and if necessary, modify access to critical systems on a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly basis.

Our service provides an overall view into the access rights that all users have to the organizationapos;s systems and applications, and allows our clients to demonstrate the implementation of ‘least privilege’ and segregation of critical functions within business systems in a cost effective and efficient manner.

All access modifications and additional that are identified are presented to the client to support verification activities. In addition, we confirm the removal or disablement of terminated users accounts.

Client Benefits

The ilim User Access Review Service helps clientapos;s to efficiently and effectively implement, monitor and demonstrate segregation of access and the adherence to ‘least privileges’ granted within their applications.

The ilim User Access Review Service monitors period-over-period differences and assists the organization to verify the integrity of the overall user provisioning process.

Our service is designed to help client comply with industry-driven regulatory requirements and standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27002 HIPAA and SOX.

Our services are enabled using the CC-GRC portal which provides our clients with the ability to closely monitor engagement progress.

Service Frequency

ilim User Access Review Services can be performed as a standalone service or can be bundled with other ilim Managed Compliance Services as desired.

User Access Reviews are typically scheduled to occur on a periodic basis (e.g., monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly) and/or to coincide with a major application upgrade or implementation.